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BBC Sustainable Development Debate (Develop or Die)


Develop or Die 5 of 6 - Sustainable Development Debate - BBC Environmental Discussion, recorded 22.02.2009. This Episode - Outside Broadcast from Mumbai (Bombay)
The debate features three leading thinkers, interviewed by Zeinab Badawi on the big issues that the previous two episodes have raised. It will bring guests from across Asia to discuss eco-imperialism, historical justice and the responsibilities of the developed world to the developing economies. Can we have a low carbon future with a burgeoning free market economy? Do countries need to heavily legislate to create both a green economy and force a low-carbon future? How do we de-link economic growth and rising carbon usage?
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- Thinkers: Ramchandra Guha (historian), Victor Gao (Adviser, China), Ravi Singh (WWF CEO, Mumbai)