Sajha Sawal - Civil Administration



- Lila Mani Paudel, मुख्य सचिव




- ID 12 areas

- Brought together experts and consulted politicians to make reforms



- unresponsive or un-polite government staff (ex: in Part authority)

- corruption reported by anonymous person from a eastern district (40-50Rs need to be paid as bribe)

- people have to leave extra money (खुद्रा); Need to round-up the figure so that people don't have to go around looking for change


LMP response:

- compensation provision scheme considering

- developing a bank account/fund for road maintenance [people might have to put some pressure to mobilize the fund]

- re unpolite behavior - started "Service with Smile" initiative; you can also complain to the boss; then go up and up... we are ready to listen to complains and make necessary ammends