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Development Aagan

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Ideas 4 Development




Integrated Strategies 4 Development

The database contains case studies, compilations and analysis of innovative ideas with high potential and impact in development




Ideas 4 Nepal



The platform is a resource bank of and tutorial for using rigorous analytical methods in policy making and program design, implementation and evaluation


The platform contains sector-wise analyses, compilations of strategic frameworks, global best practices, and Nepal-focused information archives for the following key sectors of development:


Agriculture and Food Security


Water and Sanitation

Economic Growth




Governance & Politics

Infrastructure Development

The development process is a complex one. The complexity arises from the simple fact that development problems and challenges have roots in multiple sectors (such as agriculture, health, economy, infrastructure, water and sanitation, etc) and multiple disciplines (such as economics, psychology, management, natural sciences, etc).


Therefore, to solve such complex problems, it is critical to think through such multidimensional nature of development issues, and use RIGOROUS ANALYTICS to develop INTEGRATED STRATEGIES with effective and INNOVATIVE IDEAS for impactful development ACTIONS.

With this view, the Development Aagan serves as a wiki-based platform to learn, share, and use rigorous analytics, integrated strategies, and innovative ideas to bring about impactful, effective and meaningful action in international development. The term 'Aagan,' which is a front-porch of a Nepali village house, echoes the idea of such a platform.  


What is an Aagan?


It is a space where farmers come back to and relax in after a long day of work in their fields.


It is a play ground for children, who will one day become the leaders of their village, country and/or the world.


It is a meeting place for neighbors and villagers, who discuss ideas and solve local problems, bringing about resolutions to revolutions.


It becomes a stage where festivities and celebrations spread color and happiness in the lives of the villagers.


It becomes a rest area for travelers who are far away from their final destinations.


It finally becomes a death bed,

when after a long journey through day and nights of living one takes the last breath.




How to walk around in this Aagan?


Please use the SIDEBAR (Quick Links) or NAVIGATION BAR on the right side. Each sector is categorized into a folder, which contains useful resources, analysis, examples of challenges, and solutions. Of course, the wiki itself is a life-long work in progress, and a learning and archiving medium.

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